The desired aims of the Forum:

To present the investment opportunities in both the Gulf States and Azerbaijan.

To increase the volume of Investment and Trade between the two sides.

To increase the GCC investments in promising sectors of the Azerbaijani market.

To promote Tourism between the two sides and remove trade barriers.

To deepen the strategic relations between the GCC and Azerbaijan.


The Forum will attract participants from both the Public and Private Sectors, along with Gulf States and Azerbaijani officials and business owners, including private sector major companies from both sides, investor groups and sovereign funds, high-level representatives from Governmental Agencies, civil society organisations and business associations in order to address a number of important topics, including the investment climate and organisational foundations required to strengthen existing ties and establish new initiatives in both the GCC countries and Azerbaijan.

--Business professionals from multinational organisations.

--Potential investors from major trading sectors within the Gulf countries and Azerbaijan.

High ranking inter-region policy makers and government officials who influence trade and investment in the GCC and Azerbaijan.

Investment promotion agencies in the GCC and Azerbaijan.

Trade associations and Chambers of Commerce.

FGCCC members with 40 GCC local chambers which have membership of more than 1 million local firms

GCC and Azerbaijan press and media members.