Buddha Bar introduce you amazing show, formed by Friday night with David Mayer (Germany)! 

The atmosphere of the evening will immerse guests to the world of bright colors! You can enjoy the event at 30th November.
The main sponsor of the event - Glenfiddich!

Information about artist:
Crossing borders is a familiar experience to David Mayer. Though being born in south Germany, he spent most of his youth living in Norway and (for a change) in Lanzarote, before Berlin happened to become his home in 2004.

As he prefers thinking outside the box, Mayer has always been equally interested in experimenting with diverse forms of music, no matter what musical genre they derive from, although his passion for funked up and heavily pounding 4/4 beats clearly dominates his creative output. Both when spinning records and producing tracks, he is presenting his own interpretation of catchyness, mixing up Techno and House, adding a little deepness, but always keeping an eye on making his audience shake some.

His dedication has found its way in several musical excursions on labels like Connected Frontline, Ouïe, Objektivity, Gruuv, Audiomatique and Keinemusik and accounts for pieces like the "Drained" EP and the remix of "Lust" by Tigesrkin & K.E.E.N.E. feat. Elli on Connected and "Sirocco" on Objektivity. Only leaving his desk in order to indulge some serious clubbing, you can be sure this guy knows about priorities.
Reservations: (012) 404 82 09