Room Baku invites you to "The Caspian Sea" series of artworks of artist Mehriban Shamsadinskaya. 

Opening date: 2 December, 7p.m.

The exhibition will be continued for one month.

All exhibited works are available for sale.

The Caspian surrounding me from childhood has always amazed my imagination, painted fantasies smoothly transformed into artworks. The mood of the Caspian Sea is rarely repeated, the color palette in a very wide spectator allows you to create emotional associations and every
time you can guess the depth of the connection between forms, color, composition. A series of works devoted to the Caspian Sea is
unlimited and it is impossible to complete it with some amount of work. Reflections on the enigmatic, enticing Caspian Sea always inspire me
to new works, various in various parameters, but united by a great love for my homeland, a big role in which plays an energetic, mysterious
and inviting Khazar